28 Jan 2020

Tuesday 28 January 2020

The rowers arrived back late last night after four sweltering days at the North Island Club Championships which were held at Lake Karapiro.

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It was a successful regatta from a King’s College perspective and a number of crews are starting to close the gap between ourselves and our main competition. The Intermediate Octuple were the stars of the show however and they rowed a fantastic race to secure a silver medal in the Men’s Intermediate Octuple event.

The Silver medal Octuple is:

Cox: Charles Couillault (Year 11, Selwyn)
8. Jack Trusler (Year 11, Peart)
7. Hugo Hay (Year 11, Selwyn)
6. Cole Barfoot (Year 11, Marsden)
5. Laga Jensen (Year 11, Major)
4. Jack Mitchell (Year 11, Averill)
3. William Olde (Year 11, School)
2. Felix Moran (Year 11, Selwyn)
1. Hugo Caughey (Year 11, St. John's)

Below is a summary of results from the weekend:

A Finals:

5th -  Boys U16 coxed quad (J Trusler, H Hay, J Mitchell, C Barfoot and C Couillault)

4th – Boys U17 coxed eight (L Pearce, A Tooman, M Mckree Jansen, C Hislop-Donaldson, T Ogg, L Craig, C Ludbrook, T McGuinness and C Couillault)

5th – Men’s Novice coxed eight (C Finlayson, T Cryer, R Ellis-Williams, H Malaghan, R Whiu, D Wyber, L Mazza-Carson, A Shannon and O Horton)

6th – Boys U17 coxed four (L Pearce, A Tooman, M Mckree Jansen, C Hislop-Donaldson and J Chapman)

7th – Men’s Novice coxed four (C Finlayson, H Malaghan, L Mazza-Carson, D Wyber and O Horton)

5th – Boys U16 coxed eight (J Trusler, H Hay, J Mitchell, C Barfoot, L Jensen, W Olde, S Power, H Caughey and C Couillault)

5th – Men’s Club coxed eight (L Pearce, A Tooman, M Mckree Jansen, C Hislop-Donaldson, T Ogg, L Craig, C Ludbrook, S Power and J Chapman)

2nd – Men’s Intermediate coxed octuple

B Finals:

DNS – Women’s Novice double (illness) (T Jackson, T Vincent)

5th – Boys U15 double scull (R Whiu, R Ellis-Williams)

DNS – Girls U17 coxed quad (illness) (N Campbell, O Bartlett, T Jackson, V Vincent and F Mitchell)

8th – Men’s intermediate coxed quad (F Moran, E Holdsworth, C Thomas, A Urwin and C Couillault)

2nd – Women’s Intermediate single scull (T Jackson)

2nd – Men’s intermediate double scull (L Craig, M Mckree-Jansen)

2nd – Boys U15 coxed quad (R Whiu, T Cryer, R Ellis-Williams, A Shannon and C McCallum)

C Finals:

1st – Boys U16 double scull (A Tooman, S Power)

7th – Boys U15 coxed quad (M Acland, N Rees-Webbe, E Henderson, D Wyber, O Horton)

We have seven weeks until the North Island Secondary Schools Championship on the 14th and 15th of March and nine weeks until Maadi. There is still plenty of speed to find and it’s encouraging that we can come straight from a very tough (and hot) training camp and still be competitive amongst the best clubs and schools in the North Island.

The next big regatta for the rowers is the Head of Harbour Regatta on the 15th of February at Lake Pupuke. If you are not doing anything that day please do pop in to cheer on the crews!

Brendan Boreham (Head of Rowing)