17 Mar 2020

Tuesday 17 March 2020

A weary crew of King’s rowers returned last night after a successful performance all-round at the North Island Secondary Schools Rowing Championships.

200313 NISSC 193


The crew made a considerable improvement on last year’s North Island Champs results. Last year King’s finished the regatta with a total of six A finals, seven B finals and two C finals. This year the rowers secured a total of nine A finals, five B finals, three C finals and a brilliant silver medal finish by Jack Mitchell (Year 11, Averill) in the U16 Single Scull!

Coach, Mr Brendan Boreham, said that it was ‘encouraging to see results coming from across the entire rowing squad’ and was particularly thrilled to see two U16 eights in the A final.

This bodes well for the squad’s future goal of once again competing for and winning the Maadi Cup in the boys’ U18 eight. The Boys Novice eight and U17 eight have been getting closer and closer to their rivals (both finished 4th this weekend) and it is only a matter of time before the medals start rolling in.

The big talk of the regatta however, was whether or not the Maadi Cup was going to go ahead in two weeks’ time. This will be announced in the coming week although the situation looks bleak. Unfortunately, if the worst were to happen, the North Island Champs will be the last event of the season for the rowing team.

The College would nonetheless like to congratulate our rowers for a fantastic effort once again.

Below is a summary of this weekend’s results:


A finals:

2nd – Boys U16 single (Jack Mitchell)
4th – U17 VIII (C. Hislop-Donaldson, A. Tooman, M. Mckree-Jansen, C. Abel, T. Ogg, L. Craig, C. Ludbrook, L. Pearce and J. Chapman)
4th – Novice VIII (C. Finlayson, E. Zhou, R. Ellis-Williams, H. Malaghan, C. Ogilvie, T. Cryer, R. Whiu, D. Wyber and O. Horton)
5th – U16 Quad (J. Trusler, J. Mitchell, C. Barfoot, H. Hay and C. Couillault)
5th – Novice coxed four (C. Finlayson, E. Zhou, R. Ellis-Williams, H. Malaghan and O. Horton)
6th – U17 pair (T. Ogg and L. Craig)
7th – U17 coxed four (C. Hislop-Donaldson, A. Tooman, M. Mckree-Jansen, L. Pearce and J. Chapman)
7th – U16 VIII (J. Trusler, H. Hay, J. Mitchell, H. Caughey, C. Barfoot, L. Jensen, S. Power, W. Olde and C. Couillault)
8th – U16 VIII (C. Ellis-Williams, F. Moran, B. McGillivray, C. Thomas, W. Yan, A. Urwin, E. Holdsworth, G. Dalgleish and J. Chapman)


B Finals:

4th – Boys U16 single (Crue Ellis-Williams)
4th – U15 Quad (F. Eadie, A.Shannon, L.Mazza-Carson, M.Acland and O.Horton)
6th – Girls Novice double (T. Vincent and T. Jackson)
6th – U16 coxed four (G.Dalgleish, W.Yan, C.Ellis-Williams, F.Moran and J.Chapman)
7th – U16 coxed four (B.McGillivray, E.Holdsworth, C.Thomas, A.Urwin and C.Couillault)


C Finals:

2nd – Girls U16 single (Grace Joyce)
2nd – U15 double (B.McGillivray and E.Holdsworth)
6th – Novice quad (F.Eadie, A.Shannon, L.Mazza-Carson, M.Acland and O.Horton)

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