12 Jun 2019

Wednesday 12 June 2019

The Year 13 students once again attended the DocEdge Film Festival at the Q Theatre this year to participate in the special screenings put together for schools. 

Y13 Media Studies Field Trip Docedge 7 June

More Human than Human was more than an expose on the pros and cons of new technology, especially AI. Students were able to engage in a meaningful Q&A session afterwards, discussing the philosophical as well as ethical implications of the technological world that we live in. In the second screening of NZ Shorts, we were given a smorgasbord of rich NZ short films, with a wide range of topics. Overall, it was yet again, a valuable learning experience for all, and students were able to take away several tips for their very own documentary productions.

The DocEdge also has a special category for student films in their competitions. The Schools Student Short Documentary Competition had a special awards presentation on 31st of May, where 6 finalists had their films screened.

Old Collegian Honor Williams (Middlemore, 2016-18) was the Secondary School Category winner with her film Children Raising Children, and was awarded $1500 thanks to generous assistance from The Wallace Foundation.

Honor Williams Winner Docedge

Old Collegian Honor Williams (Middlemore, 2016-18)

Children Raising Children is a documentary that exemplifies the social stigma associated with teen pregnancy in wider society today. It is a big issue that we decided to tackle through the help of Dani Harpur and Mrs Johnson. I personally appreciate Dani Harpur for her guidance finding the main subject Theresa Powell. Theresa’s story and struggles were what gave our documentary the wow factor,” says Honor. 

Doc Edge Schools Manager Matthew Donaldson says “The standard of entries was very high this year, and we are very pleased to be encouraging aspiring young documentary filmmakers with this competition, thanks to the support of The Wallace Foundation, and The Rei Foundation.”

Overall, we are so proud of Honor Williams taking the win and we hope to see more of our Media Studies student films in competitions in the years ahead.

Jasmine Johnson - Teacher in Charge, Media Studies