23 Jun 2021

Wednesday 23 June 2021

The College sent 11 shooters to the Matamata College Shoot on Thursday 10 June. Conditions seemed to be ideal for shooting but, throughout the day, the scores were generally lower than might have been expected.

Kings 1St Team Shooters

In the Single Rise competition, Gus Webster (School) scored a commendable 19/20 and Captain Oscar Ferrier (Greenbank) managed 18 as the best of the shooters in that round.

Elsewhere, promising shooter, Oli Bates (School), scored 16, which was most creditable under the circumstances.

In the second round, the Points Score, the 1st team shot with great consistency with all shooters scoring in the 50’s out of a possible 60. Beau Christiansen (Averill) scored a very pleasing 55/60, followed closely by Mansimrat Singh (Greenbank) with 54 and Logan Harding (Greenbank) with 53.

Waitign Thier Turn In The Shoot Off

In the Single Barrel competition, Mansimrat Singh, Gus Webster and Beau Christiansen scored 8 from a possible 10

The 1st team’s consistency in the Points Score was to prove a key element in their attaining their first podium finish for the year. Their total of 266/300 at first glance appeared to be rather too modest to qualify for higher honours, but we were pleased to find that the team had finished a mere two points off first pace and tied for second.

A 50-target shoot-off followed, which was a new experience for a number of the boys. After 25 targets, the teams were still inseparable, and it took a further 25 targets for a decision to be made. Unfortunately, our team was not able to sustain its excellent standard and were pipped into 3rd place. Nevertheless, this first podium of the year bodes well for the remainder of the season, as we build towards national competition.

Top King’s shooter on the day was Gus Webster (School) with 81 from a possible 90. All students of both teams, overcame minor frustrations with traps, and were excellent ambassadors for the College throughout the competition. The shoot itself was another excellent learning experience for all shooters who took part.

John Jackson
TIC Clay Target Shooting

Stats at a glance

Single Rise: 19/20: Gus Webster;

18/20: Oscar Ferrier;

16/20: Mansimrat Singh, Logan Harding, Oli Bates

Points Score: 55/60 Beau Christiansen;

54/60 Gus Webster, Mansimrat Singh;

53/60 Logan Harding

Single Barrel: 8/10 Mansimrat Singh, Gus Webster, Beau Christiansen, Oli Bates