15 Sep 2020

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Recently my Year 11 Te Reo Māori class (Saul, Mataia, Sophia and myself) along with the Year 12 and 13 students (Zion, Te Aria, and Tiki) had to meet Mr Wilson at the Pavilion for a task.

Te Reo

Mataia and Saul were asked to find a recipe for some sort of food, something easy to cook. They then had to translate those recipes from English to Te Reo Māori. Using those recipes, we had to make whatever food it was. However, in the kitchen we were only allowed to speak Te Reo Māori, so we could practise getting better at conversing and making requests in Te Reo Māori.

For this lesson we had to make vegan biscuits. We first all met at the Pavilion at the start of the lesson and got the ingredients out which were flour, chocolate chips, apple cider vinegar, crushed canned pears, vanilla essence, coconut oil, baking powder, and coconut milk.

One aspect when conversing was amounts and times of things, so we discussed the use of hauwha (a quarter) and harua (a half). Other phrases that were commonly used throughout the lesson was homai (give me) and kei hea (where is) when sorting through and mixing ingredients. I personally struggled a little bit with my vocabulary regarding the names of ingredients.

The actual recipe itself did not go quite as planned, while we had the right ingredients we did not have any baking equipment such as measuring cups or spoons. The mis-measuring of some ingredients I believe might have been why the texture of the mixture turned out a bit chunky and wasn’t cooking quite right in the oven. However, we made a compromise at the end by making them in a cup at in the microwave during the end. Taste wise they were pretty good.

Lulu Lance (Year 11, Marion Bruce)