07 Jul 2022

Thursday 07 July 2022

The Research Agency are excited to announce two new interns Lulu Lance and Kate Christie (Y13, Marion Bruce House) for their new internship programme in the upcoming summer. 


Lulu and Kate were selected via a recruitment process that required them to submit a written application followed by an interview earlier this term. They both share a strong passion for learning, a key motivator for applying for this internship. 


Lulu and Kate are looking forward to this opportunity to understand what it is like to work with industry professionals in the real world while challenging themselves with an experience outside of their comfort zones. 

Talent Acquisition Advisor Shivana Thompson spoke highly of both candidates saying that they were really lovely to converse with, had great attitudes to learning and presented professionally in the interview. More importantly, they are both keen to learn and grow.

Interns Lulu and Kate will go through a three-day induction period onsite at TRA in the first week of the term break prior to their starting with TRA in December 2022. King’s College will celebrate their success with a certificate presentation in assembly this week, and wish them all the best with their TRA internship experience.