23 Jun 2022

Thursday 23 June 2022

Early on Saturday 28 May, Cassie Wood (Year 12, Taylor), Wells Yuan (Year 12, Selwyn) and Ivan Ho (Year 11, Major) set off for the NZ International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) at Ormiston Senior School.

IMG 20220614 104449

They were part of a bigger team consisting of Alex Grant (Year 12, Peart), Dillon Lane (Year 12, Greenbank) and James Wilson (Year 12, Averill). The day involved three “physics fights”, where the teams challenged other schools from Auckland to debate one of seven problems. 

These included trying to explain the physics behind tennis ball towers and why glitter settles faster if the container is tilted. The solutions often required university-level ideas and mathematics. After a 9-hour day, the team emerged in 7th place. 

Teacher in charge Omar Gardner said this was an outstanding result and an improvement on previous years. 

Well done to all the students involved, who spent many hours completing experiments and researching the problems.