21 Feb 2022

Monday 21 February 2022

The Head of Harbour Regatta took place last weekend (12 February) at Lake Pupuke. This was the first official regatta of the 21/22 season, a season which has been severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. 


Fortunately, the organisers, College Sport, were able to work with Auckland Council in order to get this regatta to go ahead. The regatta was split over two days this year, with the U18 and U17 boys and girls racing on Saturday and the U15 and U16 boys and girls racing on Sunday. 

The weather conditions on Saturday were tricky to say the least and although it looked relatively calm at the finish line, the conditions up at the start were rather challenging. Despite this, the racing on Saturday finished with minimal delay and a number of King’s crews came away with medals for their efforts.

Congratulation to the following crews that won medals:

Division 1

Gold: Girls U18 2x – TJ Rusden Rowley and H. Ryan-Salter

Bronze: Girls U18 1x – TJ Rusden Rowley

Bronze: Boys U18 4x – J. Trusler, F. Eadie, J. Compain, T. Cryer and O. Horton

Bronze: Boys U17 8+ - F. Eadie, A. Shannon, T. Cryer, J. Compain, C. Ogilvie, R. Whiu, L. Upton, M. Acland and L. Kidd

The weather forecast for Sunday’s racing looked dreadful, with anticipated wind gusts of close to 80km, which would have made rowing near impossible and potentially dangerous. As a result the organisers made a decision to postpone the regatta.

Head of Harbour: Day 2

The second instalment of the Head of Harbour Regatta took place on Saturday 19 March after being postponed twice.  It was great to give the U15 and U16 rowers an opportunity to race again after such a disrupted season. Thankfully the conditions at Lake Pupuke were a lot calmer than a few weeks before, which made it ideal for some of the younger, less experienced crews.

The King’s College crews had a fantastic day at the regatta with many medals won across the two age groups. Below is a summary of the days results:

Division 1

1st – Boys U16 quad – A. Shannon, K. Roberton, J. Compain, B. McGann and N. Poppelwell

1st – Boys U16 double – L. Upton and A. Shannon

1st – Boys U16 single – A. Shannon

2nd – Girls U16 quad – K. Lorch-Church, J. Dryden, T. Macleod, A. Alston and E. Todd

2nd – Girls U16 double – K. Lorch-Church, J. Dryden

3rd – Boys U15 quad – B. Moutter, R. Wu, T. Coop, C. Dalgleish and R. Fletcher

Division 2

1st – Boys U16 1x – K. Roberton

1st – Boys U16 2x – K. Roberton and J. Compain

2nd – Boys U16 1x – R. Woodhams

3rd – Boys U15 quad – L. Zheng, A. Broughton, A Qin, J. Samasoni and C. Spittal

Division 3

1st – Boys U16 2x – B. McGann and R. Woodhams

3rd – Boys U16 2x – B. Hayes and J. Wolfgram

It has been fantastic seeing King’s crews racing once again, after such a long period of training and preparation. The rowers demonstrated that they are ready and able to take on the challenge of racing, and we remain hopeful that they will get an opportunity to test themselves against opposition schools and clubs once again. 

Brendan Boreham 
Head of Rowing 

Thanks to Continental Cars Porsche and Structurflex for their support of King's Rowing. 

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