19 May 2022

Thursday 19 May 2022

The King’s College Robotics team powered through the VEX Robotics World Championships in Dallas, Texas.

Robotocs Worlds Opening Ceremony

The Championships saw students from all around the world competing in robotics challenges to test their engineering skills, strategic thinking and teamwork. 

Ethan Huang (Year 12, Greenbank), Derek Peng (Year 12, Greenbank) and Gerry Wang (Year 13, Averill) traveled across the world to represent the College in this prestigious competition. The team started the competition off with 4 wins and 3 losses, putting them in 35th place out of 81 competitors. The early losses were due to tough competition but the team resiliently followed through with some solid wins later in the day. 

Following these successes, the team finished the qualifying rounds with 3 strong wins to make it through to the division elimination round. A solid victory in a round with 16 competitors saw them through to the quarter final competitions. However, the quarter finals presented a tough challenge where the King’s team narrowly missed out on the victory. Overall, the team performed extremely well and can be pleased with their results. The team, despite not winning overall, performed the best out of all the New Zealand teams present. 

The College congratulates Ethan, Derek and Gerry on their success in the competition. A special thanks to Mr. John Bennet as well for his support of the robotics team throughout the competition.