31 Mar 2022

Thursday 31 March 2022

King's Netball has had a great start to the year so far. Despite being a winter sport, Lea Salt (Head of Netball) and the girls have already been busy preparing for the season ahead.

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The competitive Netball trials were a great success as selectors and coaches were impressed with the efforts and dedication of the girls. A huge thanks to our parents, coaches, umpires and selectors who helped the trials to run smoothly.

In addition to trials, Mr. Eamon Reily, our new Netball Strength and Conditioning Coach, has been running sessions for all the Netball girls this term in preparation for the upcoming season. This will be invaluable for the teams going into their winter competitions and we really appreciate his commitment to the programme and his hard work in ensuring our girls are developing their strength and agility safely, whilst also having fun. We encourage any Netballers who want to improve their fitness to come along to the HPU every Wednesday at 3:30-5pm to join in.

In final news, our girls have been lucky enough to have had some great sessions with Silver Ferns Gina Crampton and Maia Wilson over the past few weeks. This has been a great experience for the students and has given them an opportunity to learn from some of their sporting role models. They’re really looking forward to the next sessions and all that they will learn from these inspiring sportswomen.

Congratulations to all those girls who made competitive teams as well as all those who are signed up to social teams. We are very happy to have you in the Netball whānau and we look forward to a great year of Netball!

Sarah Hogg
Premier Netball Manager