30 Jan 2019

Wednesday 30 January 2019

During 6–11 January, five King’s students: Hanbo Xie (Year 12, Peart), Johnathan Leung (Year 12, Major), Nathaniel Masfen-Yan (Year 12, Greenbank), Fiona Leng (Year 13, Taylor) and James Mead (Year 13, Averill) participated in the NZ Mathematical Olympiad residential training camp at University of Auckland.

300119 King’s mathematicians kicked off 2019 with some great performances.jpg

L-R: Ms May Meng, Johnathan Leung, Hanbo Xie, Fiona Leng, James Mead


There were 27 participants in the camp who were selected nationwide following a selection competition organized by the NZ Mathematical Olympiad Committee in September 2018.

During the camp, on each day, students had 4.5-hour lectures, followed by a 2-hour problem session before dinner and a solution discussion after dinner. They also sat a 3-hour test on Wednesday and a 4.5-hour test on Friday. At the end of the camp, 12 students were then selected to receive further training in the next few months in a bid to become one of the six NZ team members to compete in the 2019 international competition in July.

Deputy Head of Mathematics, May Meng reports on the success of the camp:

“I am very proud to inform the College that three of the King’s students, Johnathan Leung, Nathaniel Masfen-Yan and James Mead exceled in the camp training, also performed well in the tests and, as a result, made it into this 12 people training squad. In the next few months, they will participate in a series of competitions, including the British Maths Olympiad, the two Australian Maths Olympiads and the Asia Pacific Maths Olympiad.”