02 Jun 2022

Thursday 02 June 2022

The Chapel’s community service program has been working hard to give King’s students the opportunity to connect and give back to the wider Ōtāhuhu community. 

220525 Community Service 5

Year 13 community service students have been getting crafty during their lunchtime by volunteering to make dog toys for the SPCA. “Some students went above and beyond juggling their time with lead roles in the House Music College Competition”, says Rev. Onosa’i Auva’a. The students used this time to make an assortment of toys that will provide enrichment to the SPCA animal lives, an important part of animal wellbeing.

220525 Community Service 2 (1)

Year 10 Students have been heading out to Sutton Park Primary School once a fortnight to assist the children with their schoolwork. This new mentor-mentee program was set in place under the Year 10 Religious Studies Curriculum and gives the Year 10 students an opportunity to connect with other schools around the Otahuhu region. The hours they volunteer during this time can also contribute towards their Duke of Edinburgh award. 

The Community Service program also gives King’s students the opportunity to engage with youth all around Ōtāhuhu. Students head down to Ōtāhuhu town hall daily to to help with after-school and youth programs. Students will help their younger tauira from St. Joseph’s Primary School and Fairburn Primary with their homework. Furthermore, students can participate in many games and activities with other students from the Otahuhu area in the Ōtāhuhu Youth Space. 

Well done to all students who participate in the community service programme and embody the Chapel’s values of generosity and service.