20 Aug 2021

Friday 20 August 2021

Janaye Burns (Year 11, Middlemore) and Maddie Naden (Year 11, Middlemore), recently embarked on an eye-opening trip to Waitakere Hospital where they had the opportunity to get some hands-on experience working in healthcare. See below for Janaye's report:

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On Friday 6 August, Maddie Naden and I travelled to Waitakere Hospital where we were taken on a tour through their emergency department by Kia Ora Hauora - an organisation focused around supporting Maori and Pasifika students through university.

The day started with a tour through the emergency department where we came across things like the resuscitation rooms, COVID-19 rooms and the rooms kept especially for the young children coming through emergency. This time was also an opportunity to have a chat with some of the doctors and nurses and get to know what their lives were like working amongst it all.

After lunch, we were split off into groups and sent to three different simulations. The first was learning how to put on a temporary splint, the second was a simulation around resuscitation of new burns, and the third was focused around IV insertions and medication.

Overall, it was a really good day where we all learnt so much about ourselves, and the future careers that we are leaning towards.

Janaye Burns (Year 11, Middlemore)