25 Mar 2019

Monday 25 March 2019

By Miranda Yuan (Year 12, Taylor)

IMG 9873


King’s College had its first-ever celebration of the traditional Holi Festival last Thursday courtesy of the newly formed KC Asia Committee. The riveting drum beats of Indian musicians marked the beginning of the Colour Run, where students and teachers charged through the starting line.

Packets of powder were thrown at the runners, splashing the air with a kaleidoscope of bright colours. They ran down the lane as zealous students bombarded them with colour from both sides. To top the day off, the runners gathered for a final colour explosion, where they launched the remaining powder into a tremendous cloud of brightness. This was an unforgettable conclusion to an event which brightened many students’ days both inside and out! 

The KC Asia committee is a new student-led initiative ​with the aim of creating an environment where we can share the many amazing cultures which our student body is built upon. The Holi Festival ​is an Indian celebration of colour, love and happiness. Traditionally, people would go on the streets and throw colours (typically powdered) at each other (friends, family and strangers alike) to symbolise the purging of evil and past grudges, celebrating the arrival of Spring.’ The committee decided to celebrate this event in hopes of integrating the diverse culture of kings and create a more inclusive and tight-knit community. 

It was brilliant to see so many King’s staff and students in support of this cultural celebration of love and unity. We look forward to sharing more of our student body’s rich Asian culture with the school community throughout the year.