02 Sep 2019

Monday 02 September 2019

An annual highlight on the King's College calendar, the 2019 Internationalism Night was held on Wednesday 28 August.

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With the help of Charles Cave (Year 13, Selwyn) and a group of eager volunteers, the KC Asia Committee organised yet another successful event where students and teachers immersed themselves in a night of cultural festivities.

From a distance, the Great Hall was enveloped by a fusion of tantalising smells from a diverse range of cultural food stalls. The French stall sold crispy croissants and danishes while the Thai stall was in high demand for their tangy pad thai and chicken skewers. The smell of lasagne wafted across the hall from the Italian stand and mingled with the glorious scent of dumplings.

There were also entertaining performances delivered by enthusiastic students throughout the night. These ranged from slow and heartfelt ballads to energetic and lively raps which were all sung in foreign languages! Next was a fierce performance delivered by the school Kapa Haka group. The energy and spirit given off represented their pride and respect for their roots, putting the audience in a state of awe. The peak of the night however was undoubtedly the spicy noodle challenge where brave and audacious students attempted to consume the bowls of fiery noodles as fast as possible. While some were composed and steady, gulping them down like ordinary noodles, others were overcome with the burning sensation, their faces a vibrant shade of red and eyes glistened with tears. It was a most peculiar yet entertaining sight!

Finally to top off the night, a mesmerising duo performance on the traditional Chinese drums by our very own Leo and Danny Cui (Year 10, Selwyn). The complex rhythm and beat in combination with the drummers’ synchronised movements was unquestionably captivating, leaving a positive and lasting impression on the audience as the event concluded on a high.

The Internationalism Night was held in order to celebrate the rich cultural diversity within the College and create a more tight-knit community where students could share their pride for their heritage. It was truly an unforgettable evening where students and staff alike took part in an amazing cultural experience.

Miranda Yuan (Year 12, Taylor)