16 Aug 2019

Friday 16 August 2019

A much anticipated and annual event on the King’s calendar is the IHC social, which was held last Friday night. 

IHC Social

It is safe to say that the night was nothing but a success and everyone immensely enjoyed themselves. The theme of Hollywood was picked and we saw an array of costumes from the classic suit to stunning dresses and superhero costumes.

The Great Hall was bedazzled in movie posters, streamers and red carpet to give it that theatrical appeal. Music was arranged and DJ’ed by our Chaplain Mr Auva'a which got everyone dancing and grooving throughout the night.

One member of the IHC community said that he couldn’t wait to come back next time and do it all over again. The event allows King's to offer the IHC community a night of socialising where they can let go and dance to their heart’s content, but it also allows students to have a deeper understanding of this extraordinary bunch of individuals and the everyday challenges they face.

I would like to thank the team of Year 12 students who helped organise and make the IHC social possible as well as Mrs Carrington who committed a lot of her time and effort to make this event possible. If you want to have a fun night and make a true difference I encourage you to attend the IHC social next year.

Sarah Griffiths (Year 12, Middlemore)