10 Sep 2020

Thursday 10 September 2020

Recently, Hunter Masfen (Year 12, Marsden) and Siobhan Balle (Year 12, Marion Bruce) were recognised by the SVA Service Awards for their volunteer work.

Hunter SVA


The Student Volunteer Army (SVA) Foundation was formed after the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes saw 11,000 students, known as the Student Volunteer Army, volunteered 75,000 hours cleaning up liquefaction silt across the city. It serves to promote volunteering culture within young New Zealanders through their SVA Service Awards programme.

Hunter was commended for making 106 dog toys by hand for his local SPCA. He commented that "making the toys was tedious work, but the enjoyment knowing that every single toy was going to be cherished by a dog somewhere made it all worth it." Hunter says that as he’s gotten older, he realised how great it is to help others. ‘Volunteering has helped me mature as a person and understand other people, and animals, that are different to me. I have realised that everyone has something special to offer and that by helping others, you ultimately help yourself."

Meanwhile, Siobhan was awarded her Gold SVA Service Award Pin in May for volunteering 500 hours and is the first student from King's to achieve this impressive feat. A star athlete, the bulk of Siobhan's hours came from lifeguarding and coaching for netball and athletics. "I didn’t do the community service for just the pin but it sure was an awesome reward, I really enjoyed spending my time to help others in the community in my areas of strength."

The College would like to congratulate Hunter and Siobhan for their great work in the community.