26 Feb 2019

Tuesday 26 February 2019

The Head of Harbour Regatta was held at Lake Pupuke on Saturday 16 February, and King’s once again retained the boys’ overall points trophy for the fifth consecutive year, edging out Westlake Boys’ High School and Hauraki Plains College, who finished second and third respectively. 



Throughout the day, the overall points trophy was closely contested by King’s College, Hauraki Plains College and Westlake Boys’ High School. Unfortunately for King’s College, the final honours went to Hauraki Plains College with 87 points to King’s College’s 73 points.

"It was certainly one of the windier Head of Harbour regattas in recent years, and a number of events for the younger, less experienced age groups were cancelled," says Head of Rowing, Brendan Boreham. "Unfortunately, this meant that a few of our U15 boys and U16 girls weren’t given an opportunity to race, which cost us some vauluable points."

The King’s crews that did race battled strong tail wind conditions which resulted in some very exciting finishes indeed. King’s College performed superbly despite the awful conditions and a number of crews placed first in their event.

Overall a fantastic day for King’s College. The results are certainly promising as head towards the North Island Secondary Schools Champonships which will be held at Lake Karapiro on the weekend of 8-10 March.



Boys U15 Octuple – 1st                                    (Div 1 & 2)

Boys U15 Double – 2nd                                    (Div 4)

Boys U16 Quad – 1st                                        (Div 1)

Boys U16 Quad – 1st, 2nd, 3rd                           (Div 2)

Boys U16 Eight – 1st                                         (Div 2)

Boys U17 Single – 3rd                                      (Div 4)

Boys U17 Double – 1st                                     (Div 2)

Boys U18 Nov Double – 1st                             (Div 4)

Boys U18 Quad – 1st                                         (Div 1 & 2)

Boys U18 Single – 1st                                       (Div 1)

Boys U18 Single – 2nd                                      (Div 4)

Boys U18 Single – 3rd                                      (Div 3 & 4)

Boys U18 Double – 1st                                     (Div 2)

Boys U18 Double – 2nd , 3rd                            (Div 3)



Girls U18 Single – 3rd                                       (Div 1)