25 Feb 2020

Tuesday 25 February 2020

Having started to row only last year upon starting here at King’s, Year 12 student Te Aria Jackson (Marion Bruce) was delighted to place in two races at Head of Harbour.


Te Aria Jackson

“My highlight of the day was coming first and second, but I think really it was the reaction of surprise and absolute joy from the girls realising we won medals that really made my day,” she says.

200215 Headoftheharbour 114

Grace Joyce

Te Aria and her fellow rowers, Grace Joyce (Year 12, Taylor) and Tori Vincent (Year 12, Taylor) prevailed in challenging conditions with a stiff headwind that made the sprint of usually three to four minutes, take five to six minutes.

“The rough waters and strong winds made it 10 times harder to even balance the boat, let alone race,” Te Aria says.

Additionally, Grace had only returned to rowing a week before the regatta following a two-month break due to an injured shoulder and spine. 

"I didn't really have any expectations, I just wanted to try my best and give it a go," Grace says. 

200215 Headoftheharbour 662

Tori Vincent

Despite these difficulties, Te Aria and Grace placed first in the Girls U16 Double. 

"This was definitely a big achievement for us as we had only rowed together once in the last few months," Grace says. 

Te Aria and Tori also placed second in the Girls Novice Double.

Head of Rowing Brendan Boreham says that Te Aria’s commitment to rowing and the team is second to none.

“She turns up to every session and as a result has made great progress this season. Her recent results are rewards for someone who just quietly gets on with it,” he says.

“Te Aria is a real asset to the boat club and certainly someone to watch.”

Looking to the future, Te Aria says she wants to make the most of the rest of rowing season.

“I want to better myself so that I can look back and see how much I’ve improved since I started,” she says.

As for Grace, her hope is to fully recover from her injuries, have fun and get through the rest of the season. 

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