05 Mar 2024

Tuesday 05 March 2024

Read on to learn how our First XI cricket team did over the weekend.

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Saturday, 2 March 2024

Takapuna Grammar – 70 all out in 33 overs

King’s College – 71/2 in 20.4 overs

After two energy-sapping matches in the past two weeks, King’s played host to an inexperienced Takapuna Grammar team that had struggled to score runs this season. With competition points being paramount, King’s had no hesitation in bowling after winning the toss. Takapuna struggled to deal with the potent King’s attack and could not muster any reasonable partnerships. For the first time this season, King’s could afford to employ their part-time pace bowlers, allowing Tom Nelson (Year 12, Marsden) and Thomas Boucher (Year 12, Greenbank) a few overs. Both relished this rare opportunity, with Boucher picking up a wicket when he dislodged the durable opener on a 13 over vigil. The front-line spinners Joel Gardner (Year 12, St John’s) and Aekkam Sarao (Year 11, Parnell) bowled 13 overs between them and claimed six wickets. Gardner had his best return of the season and Sarao’s figures of 6-4-2-3 demonstrated his brilliance. Tim Hamilton (Year 13, Marsden) and skipper Morgan Tapper (Year 13, St John’s) opened the bowling and set the tone for the rest of the team. Finn Priddy (Year 13, Marsden) was virtually unplayable in his second spell and was rewarded with a solitary wicket. The fielding was good, with room for improvement. Keeper Jack Hernon (Year 13, Selwyn) had a good day behind the stumps, being involved in a runout and a stumping.

Nelson and Sam Bamford (Year 11, Major) opened the batting. Bamford registered his first runs in the premiership with a tally of 18 (47 balls) before he was the second dismissal in the 16th over. Varnan Pasupati (Year 12, Greenbank), who replaced Nelson, made good use of this opportunity in the middle and top-scored with 29 runs (37 balls). He and Morgan took King’s to the target in the 21st over, claiming a one-sided, eight-wicket victory.

Next week, we visit high-flying Westlake Boys’ High. 

King’s win by 8 wickets

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Pasupati and Tapper, the not out batsmen


T Nelson


S Bamford


V Pasupati


M Tapper


DNB: T Boucher, J Hernon, A Sarao, M Barrow, J Gardner; J Robertson; F Priddy



T Hamilton


M Tapper


F Priddy


T Nelson


T Boucher


J Gardner


A Sarao


M Barrow