27 Jul 2020

Monday 27 July 2020

King’s College vs Mount Roskill Grammar School – 5.00pm 22nd July at King’s College

IMG 0053 2

This was the game that was always going to be difficult as it had to be played during holiday time. There were some players unavailable for various reasons but all who took the turf had played for the team so far this year.

The game started with King’s playing well but making errors at vital times. A decent drive into the circle after 4 minutes created a Penalty Corner (PC) which was converted by Aiden Fraser. Play then ebbed and flowed with the MRGS press defence frustrating the King’s attack. With 23 minutes played another PC goal was scored by Aiden Fraser.

Half time score- King’s College 2        Mount Roskill Grammar School 0

After discussing at half-time the need to play more of a passing and link game, as well as relaxing, the second half began with King’s playing at an increased pace. However, MRGS applied pressure and scored a well worked field goal after 2 minutes. Play went up and down the turf for the next phase of the game with King’s turning the ball over too much. However, there were also some good phases involved and after 9 minutes Charles Cleal attacked the circle, pulled back to the top of it and hit a sweet ball past the keeper. King’s kept attacking and a reverse pass from Charles Cleal was expertly hit past the keeper by Achindra Molamure at the 14 minute mark. King’s turned the ball over from the re-start and forced a PC that Aiden Fraser scored with from an excellent reverse stick shot. MRGS then attacked down their left side with two very good passes, after King’s had turned the ball over on attack, and they had a striker free in the circle who put the ball into the goal.   

Full time score- King’s College 5         Mount Roskill Grammar School 2

Overall this was a frustrating game with turnovers being a constant issue. MRGS played with very good intent and showed good phases of play as well as having a hard edge to their game. A difficult assignment with it being a holiday game but the result was what we needed.

We have a huge game next week playing Auckland Grammar at King’s at 7pm.

Kerry Baker