16 Jun 2023

Friday 16 June 2023

A group of 18 enthusiastic and motivated King’s College students recently visited Mataaho, Te Pūkenga – Unitec’s new Mataaho building which offers a unique learning experience.

It is where students learn in close proximity to students from other disciplines and specialties, including automotive; mechanical; electrical; carpentry; fabrication and welding; plumbing; gas-fitting; and drain-laying.

Mataaho’s learning environment is where students can learn more about what other tradies do, which helps prepare them for the cross-disciplinary nature of their chosen field and the workplace. Our students were visiting with the purpose to become better informed through a tour and practical learning opportunities so they can develop a greater awareness and consideration of the pathways in the Trades.

They visited a range of the different trades and even got to try out a range of specialised tools and equipment including high-tech augmented reality and emulation technologies that allow apprenticeship students to practice their skills. In small groups they were able to trial the virtual technology that allows students to work on full vehicle electrical systems without needing to pull an entire vehicle apart. It can also be set up to match specific vehicle types allowing for very specialised training, giving students the chance to work on vehicles they would not normally be exposed to, including hybrid cars and electric drive trains.

They also got some practical experience on the RealWeld technology training sets which monitor and provide real-time feedback. The virtual weld technology allowed students to use simulated welding equipment to hone their skills safely and accurately.

Overall, those who attended found the experience insightful and useful for their decision making in terms of future career direction.

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