03 Jul 2019

Wednesday 03 July 2019

The 2019 season started well at the central zone regional meeting, with highlights including the intermediate boys winning both the 3 and the 6 man teams races. 

Cross Country

Impressive results Individually saw Zane Powell win the Intermediate boys race with Seb Wharton 2nd Sam Finnegan 4th and James Harding 5th.

At the Auckland Championship meeting at St Kentigern College on a superior and well set out demanding course our boys competed strongly with the intermediate team being our best performers.


Cross Country 2

Intermediate 6 man team


The highlight in the teams racing was the intermediate boys placing a close second behind National Champions Westlake being beaten by 1 point in the 3 man 14 points to Kings 15 points and again narrowly in the 6 man with Westlake 1st 58 and our team 63. Individually Zane Powell was 2nd in the intermediates and James Ford 3rd in the juniors.



Cross Country 3

Intermediate 3 man team


In June the teams travelled to Timaru for the NZSS cross country championships and on a most demanding hilly course our best performed athlete was James Ford 5th in the yr9 race and Zane Powell a first year senior placed 11th out of the 200 senior runners and did enough to be selected for the NZ SS cross country team to compete against Australian School in Wollongong in August


Full results

Central Zones

Juniors 4.1km

Intermediates 5.2km

Seniors 6.3km

J Ford         3rd    14.07

Z Powell      1st 16.45

J Robertson 2nd   22.14

B Warren 10th 15.14

S Wharton   2nd 17.14

O Rogers        6th 22.57

C Murray 17th  15.34

S Finnegan  4th   17.20

T Matthews  20th 24.55

B Tapper  19th 15.49

J Harding     5th 17.35

B Corban      22nd 25.32

B O’Brien  35th 16.42

C O’Brien       8th 17.48

E Day              31st 28.06

N Corban  55th 17.44

T Tasker         16th 18.37

F Burrell        33rd  29.44


J Mitchell       17th  18.40



H Cochrane  32nd 20.04



H Kaye           33rd  20.07


Team places

Junior 3 man 3rd Junior 6 man 4th

Intermediate 3 man 1st Intermediate 6 man 1st

Senior 3 man 3rd Senior 6 man 3rd       

Auckland Championships

Juniors 4.0km

Intermediates 5.0km

Seniors 6.0km

J Ford         3rd    15.02

Z Powell      2nd  15.58

J Robertson 17th  22.13

B Warren 11th   15.13

J Harding     6th   16.51

O Rogers      18th   22.18

T Stokes    21st  16.10

S Finnegan  7th   16.53

B Corban      27th   23.06

B Tapper   33rd 16.28

C O’Brien     9th   17.02

T Matthews  35th  23.57

C Murray  44th  17.00

S Wharton  11th 17.09

E Day              44th   24.30

B O’Brien  71st  17.48

T Tasker      28th 18.06

F Burrell        61st   28.35

N Corban102nd 18.59

J Mitchell     38th 18.46



H Cochrane 54th 19.24



H Kaye          66th 20.03


Team places             

Junior 3 man 4th                      Junior 6 man 4th out of 14 teams

Intermediate 3 man 2nd          Intermediate 6 man 2nd out of 10 teams

Senior 3 man 7th                      Senior 6 man 6th out of 8 teams        

Results NZSSAA Cross Country, Timaru 2019

Year 9 Boys 3000m

James Ford 5th 10m48s           Tom Stokes 30th 11m24s                    Ben O’Brien 60th 12.01

Team place
6th out of 14 teams

Junior Boys 4000m

Toby Tasker 58th 15.42           Callum Murray 64th 15.48       Jack Mitchell 66th 15.50

Harry Cochrane 93rd 16.34

Team place
10th out of 14 teams

Senior Boys 6000m

Zane Powell 11th 20.40           Sebastian Wharton 39th 21.56            James Harding 63rd 22.18

Oliver Rogers 90th 22.55         Bruno Corban 96th 23.01                    Sam Finnegan 141st 24.04

Cameron O’Brien DNF (injury)

Team place
3 man 7th out of 25 teams and 6 man 5th out of 12 teams