09 Jul 2020

Thursday 09 July 2020

The King's Cricket Club has begun the first phase of its full revamp of the school cricket grounds.

Cricket Wicket Pic


The project involves upgrading all wickets and practice nets to meet world-class standards. It will also involve shifting the field to provide more space on the sidelines for supporters at future rugby, football and cricket fixtures.

Sufficient funding has allowed the first phase of the project to begin over holidays, and with further support, the second phase is set to commence, ideally, later this year.

If funds are raised in time, this will provide top quality wickets for the upcoming summer season, including the upcoming quad tournament hosted at school in January.

Spearheaded by current parent, Greg Olliver, and Old Collegian and current parent, Phillip Lindberg (Marsden, 1980-84), the project was borne from their passion for the King's cricket programme, with Phillip having been a First XI cricketer himself from 1981-84. Both parents have sons at King's, Joshua (Year 11, Selwyn) and Tom (Year 11, Greenbank) respectively, who are both avid cricketers themselves.

If you would like to support the development of the new cricket facilities, please contact Development Manager Robert Brooke (027 654 8775) or Phillip Lindberg for more information.