22 Jan 2024

Monday 22 January 2024

Our King's College Quad XI recently travelled to Canberra to play a series of matches against some of the region's top schools. 

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Game 1 vs Canberra Grammar School - two-day match:

King’s College Quad XI won the toss and elected to bowl.

Canberra Batting - 1st Innings - 130/10 39.3 overs. 

Canberra Grammar started their innings off slow and King's managed to dictate the game early on, with Cooper Fenwick (Year 12, Peart) taking two wickets in consecutive bowls to put Canberra to 20/2 after 5.3 overs. Canberra started to rally until Finn Priddy (Year 13, Marsden) took the third wicket in the 10th over at 50/3. Priddy continued his excellent over to bag another wicket at 50/4. Canberra ultimately could not find any consistent form to finish at 130/10 after 39.3 overs.

  • Tim Hamilton 2/16
  • Cooper Fenwick 2/29
  • Finn Priddy 2/5
  • Aekkam Sarao 1/16
  • Joel Gardner 1/15

King's Batting - 2nd Innings - 144/10 39.2 overs

King's encounted a tough start to their batting, falling to 2/2 after 4 overs. Varnan Pasupati (Year 12, Greenbank) and Morgan Tapper (Year 13, St John's) formed a nice partnership of 28 runs before Pasupati falling in the 11th over for 18 runs at 38/4. At 63/7, Tim Hamilton (Year 13, Marsden) and Tapper had some work to do to meet Canberra's score. They produced a formible partnership of 66 before Hamilton was LBWed on 20 runs, with the score 129/8. Tapper continued his impressive innings, with Canberra finally being able to solve the puzzle, catching him out on 85 runs - an outstanding performance. King's finished on 144/10.

  • Morgan Tapper 85
  • Tim Hamilton 20
  • Varnan Pasuputi 18

Canberra Batting - 3rd Innings - 225/9 61.5 overs 

King's bowling began well, claiming their first wicket from Hamilton after the 2nd over. With Canberra 6/1, the pressure was definitely on. However, some good batting partnerships from Canberra allowed them to reach 149 before some great bowling from Joel Gardner (Year 12, Averill) produced a wicket. This started some good momentum for the King's bowlers, taking 5 wickets for only 16 runs, with the help of Aekkham Sarao (Year 11, Parnell), Priddy, Gardner and Christian French (Year 13, Marsden). Some fine late spell batting from Canberra enabled them to claw back to 225/9 before declaring. An excellent performance to note from Gardner, taking 5 wickets, including one caught and bowled.

  • Joel Gardner 5/57
  • Tim Hamilton 1/19
  • Aekkham Sarao 1/39
  • Finn Priddy 1/57
  • Christian French 1/7

King's Batting 4th Innings - 137/10 33.2 overs 

With King's needing 211 to win, they needed consistent batting and strong partnerships. Unfortuntely, King's had another challenging start to their innings, scoring 4/2 after 1.3 overs. Jack Hernon (Year 13, Selwyn) and Tapper started a good partnership spell at 34/5, accumulating 39 runs between the pair. Hernon was then caught out at 73/6. Tapper contunied his incredible form from the 2nd innings to bag another half century. He finally fell at 123/8, scoring 80 runs. King's were not able to answer Canberra's impressive bowling and fielding display to finish on 137/10.

  • Morgan Tapper 80 
  • Tim Hamilton 17
  • Thomas Boucher 16

Canberra win by 74 runs.

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Morgan Tapper being applauded off the pitch after his impressive innings

Game 2 vs Christ's College - 50 over match: 

King’s College Quad XI won the toss and elected to Bowl.

Christ's College Batting - 150/10 41.5 overs 

Christ's started the game off fairly well before a sharp turnaround to go from 22/0 to 25/2 after 6.5 overs, Priddy claiming both wickets. Christ's began to form a bit of momentum before a well-executive run-out by King's put them at 43/4 after 9.4 overs. at 95/8, Christ's were struggling to find any consistent form, however, with some much-needed performances from thie tale-end batters, they managed to forge 150/10 after 41.5 overs. 

  • Finn Priddy 2/17
  • Aekkam Sarao 2/15
  • Christian French 2/28
  • Cooper Fenwick 1/20
  • Joel Gardner 1/41

King's College Batting - 127/10 35.1 overs

With King's College needing 151 to win, our batters needed to stay disciplined and orderly. Opening batters, Boucher and Hernon started off fairly well until Christ's made three good catches to put King's at 28/3. Sammy Bamford (Year 11, Major) and Tapper started to produced a commendable partnership until Bamford was LBWed at 46/4. King's recognised they needed to start batting smartly and robustly to put the pressure on the Christ's bowlers. It took until the partnership of Gardner and Oliver Kittle (Year 12, Parnell) for us to gain some confidence, until Gardner was caught out at 105/9. Fenwick and Kittle were King's last hope fo winning the match. Although producing a decent partnership of 22 runs, Fenwick was unfortuantely caught out to finish the game at 127/10.

  • Oliver Kittle 25 (not out)
  • Morgan Tapper 19
  • Sammy Bamford 10
  • Cooper Fenwick 10

Christ's win by 23 runs.

Game 3 vs Shore School, Sydney - 2-day match

King’s College Quad XI won the toss and elected to Bat.

King's College Batting 1st Innings - 345/9 58.3 overs

After two close losses, the King's Quad XI were desperate to put out a good performance in their last game of their tour. Boucher and Nelson opened our batting and looked very impressive. Although, a slow start, they gradually picked up the pace and 4's began to be a common occurance. A great partnerhsip of 75 sadly came to an abrupt end as Boucher was caught out on 32 runs, making the score 75/1. Bamford hit the field and him and Nelson generated a respectable partnership of 28 before Bamford was LBWed at 103/2. As the day went on, the King's team continued their good performance and assembled some outstandng partnerships. To note, Pasupati and Nelson attained a 94 run partnership, with Nelson achieving a remarkable century. This partnership ended with Pasuputi being bowled out at 243/5. Kittle and Nelson played well together, claiming 64 runs. Nelson's impressive innings came to an end, being caught out on 166 runs. This was an incredible performance by the young man, playing for almost 4 hours, scoring 19 4's and six 6's - WOW. Following Nelson's dismissal, John Roberston (Year 12, Selwyn) came out firing and built a strike rate of 157. Ultimately, King's could not develop any meaningful partnerships and decided to declare at 345/9 - an outstanding team effort. 

  • Thomas Nelson 166
  • Varnan Pasuputi 37
  • Thomas Boucher 32
  • John Robertson 22
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Thomas Nelson walking off the field after his impressive 166 runs.

Shore School Batting 2nd Innings - 268/10 59.5 overs 

Shore School came out to bat knowing they needed a strong performance and a high run rate to match King's high score of 345. They started of well but soon fell one wicket down after an LBW from Sarao, leaving them at 59/1. Shore School then developed a strong partnership before Sarao struck again and a good delivery and catch from Boucher. This put them at 112/2 after 26.5 overs. The King's bowlers then claimed a good run of wickets in a relatively short space of time by Gardner, Priddy (2) and Sarao again, putting them at 190/6. Sarao was on fire and continued the dismantling of the Shore School side, claiming an impressive 5 wickets. Fenwick's bowl ended the innings with a good catch from Nelson to end the 2nd Innings at 268/10. 

  • Aekkham Sarao 5/68
  • Cooper Fenwick 2/30
  • Finn Priddy 2/60
  • Joel Gardner 1/81

King's College Batting 3rd Innings - 200/4 32.3 overs

With time running out in the 2-day match, King's recognised they needed to produce a high run rate to give them any chance of winning by the end of the day. They started off shaky, but Bamford and Boucher constructed a nice partnership of 85 before Bamford was LBWed at 86/2. Tapper headed to the crease and developed a strong score of 25 runs before being bowled out at 128/3. Boucher then followed after claiming a stunning 59 runs. King's ended up declaring at 200/4 to give Shore School 37 overs left in the day to get 278 to win. 

  • Thomas Boucher 59 
  • Sammy Bamford 39
  • Varnan Pasuputi 31 (not out)
  • Jack Hernon 29 (not out)
  • Morgan Tapper 25

Shore School Batting 4th Innings - 198/8 37 overs 

Shore School had a go at this target but when the skipper fell at 72/4 in the 10th over, they abandoned the search for victory but batted with positivity to secure a well deserved draw. Finn Priddy bowled with pace and aggression but without his ally Hamilton in support at the opposite end the pressure was not as intense. Sarao was once again entrusted with the task of securing wickets and together with Joel Gardner picked up 3 but the class of the Shore batters prevailed. 

  • Finn Priddy 3/24
  • Aekkam Sarao 2/61
  • Joel Gardner 1/15
  • Cooper Fenwick 1/20

The game ended in a draw