03 Jun 2020

Wednesday 03 June 2020

Last Friday the Phillips Society was proud to present one of New Zealand's most successful businessmen, Christopher Luxon. 

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Mr Luxon's talk attracted a full lecture theatre of students and staff. 

For many, the Phillips Society may not ring a bell as the name doesn't allude to any specific cultural or academic activity. 

The group is a small collective of students who are passionate about the commerce subjects the school offers.

The Phillips Society's primary goal is to promote the subjects throughout the school by inviting highly accomplished New Zealand and international businessmen and women to talk at the College.

Mr Luxon predominantly focused his talk on his time at Air New Zealand, leading the company to become a market leader throughout the 2010s.

He started his speech by introducing himself and talking about his early career before he became Air New Zealand's CEO.

Mr Luxon talked about how a strong understanding of the employees of a company is an extremely crucial factor in financial success in the corporate world.

His unique, highly ethical approach to corporate leadership was an exciting new style of leading that resonated with many of the students and staff.

The lessons he taught were not just for business usage; many of his key points apply to everyday life.

He also briefly touched on his new aspirations to join politics. He is now the National candidate for the Botany seat and is looking forward to the new opportunities and experiences.

He mentioned his key point of change is to increase the productivity of the New Zealand economy to support more jobs and higher wages.

He finished his talk by opening up for questions from the crowd, where he answered questions ranging from investment advice to his political intentions.

The Phillips Society would like to thank Mr Luxon for taking the time to come to King's College to talk to the students and staff who attended. His talk was met with highly positive responses and all who came learnt something valuable and felt inspired. 

Hunter Masfen (Year 12, Marsden)