22 Jan 2019

Tuesday 22 January 2019

After generous support from the King’s community following our annual appeal in 2018, our Chapel Pipe Organ has been able to receive a complete upgrade to restore it back to first class working order.

220119 Chapel organ.JPG


The organ, which has been restored over the summer holidays, sits in the Memorial Chapel and will now be available for use for future generations of students and Old Collegians.

“The organ plays a pivotal role in our services and we are so happy that our community members have chosen to support this upgrade,” says Reverend Warren Watson.

Boasting more than 1000 pipes of all different sizes, tucked away up a narrow stairway, this was by no means a small job and involved the expertise of organ manufacturer, George Deans to reach the tough-to-get-to spots in the large organ center.

George says the upgrade was essential to the sound quality of the instrument’s wind system and with the job now complete, the organ will be in full use during Chapel services throughout the year.