13 May 2019

Monday 13 May 2019

Last Wednesday our two Year 13 Outdoor Education classes planned an lead our international students through an introduction to outdoor pursuits at Omana Regional Park. 

IMG 7876

The aim of the day was to introduce our international students to some of the readily available outdoor locations and pursuits on offer in Auckland that many Kiwis simply take for granted.

The Outdoor Education students sought to empower our international students with the skills and confidence to enjoy one of Auckland’s best outdoor areas. The program that our students came up with saw our international students teamed up with Outdoor Education students and taken through a range of activities including stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, raft building and even fish ‘n’ chips on the beach for lunch.

It was great to see the high levels of interaction taking place between these two groups and watch many of our international students grow in confidence. For the Outdoor Education students the trip not only provided them with an opportunity to give back but will also be linked to an important internal assessment opportunity as these students reflect and evaluate on the effectiveness of their program. 

Mr R Paterson 
Physical Education teacher