03070201 Year 9 Academic Scholarships For 2019 Hero Image

Academic scholarships are awarded to students who wish to attend the College in Year 9 and show strong academic aptitude.

All applicants will be required to sit an Academic Scholarship Examination. This involves three tests, which look at the student’s ability in the following subject areas:  Mathematics, English and Science. Please note: The College does not supply copies of previous scholarship examinations.

The date for the Academic Scholarship Examinations for boys wishing to apply for an Academic Scholarship to enrol at King’s College in Year 9 in 2025 will be advised.  

Prior to sitting the examination all applicants must have completed the King's College online admission application form, as well as the Year 9 Academic Scholarship Examination Application Form.

There is a non-refundable $100 administration fee for Academic Scholarship Examinations and this must accompany the application.

Note: Once awarded, all scholarships and/or bursaries are subject to annual review and may be withdrawn where performance is unsatisfactory.