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To ensure our Year 9 Boarders get the best start to their life at King’s we have introduced the Year 9 Boarders’ Transition Programme. 

We developed the programme because we understand this is a crucial stage of their education and we want to help our students to build a strong foundation for the years ahead. 

Our Year 9 Boarders’ Transition Programme is built on the principles of Positive Education with a focus on wellbeing.

Te Pūtake Lodge

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The cornerstone of the programme is our dedicated Year 9 Boarding House: Te Pūtake Lodge - The Foundation Lodge. The name of Te Pūtake Lodge stems from the following whakataukī: ‘ki te kore ngā pūtake mākūkūngia, e kore te rākau e tupu - if the roots of the tree are not watered, the tree will never grow.’

By giving the boys an environment that suits their age and stage in life we are giving them space to develop their own identity, discover the College and establish new friends and relationships.

A strong foundation

Te Pūtake Lodge provides an individualised and specialised programme, literacy support and mentoring to establish productive work practices and prepare them for the demands of their senior schooling. 

The overall aim is to foster resilience and a positive approach to all aspects of life in a safe and supportive community.

Every Year 9 Boarder is still part of their allocated King’s House for all inter-House activities such as House athletics, Big House Music and swimming sports, and in Year 10, they move into their allocated House full-time having already established a strong network of friends and peers.