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The person(s) nominated should be available to come and collect your son/daughter at short notice if the need should arise and a Guardian/Parent is not available.

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Do you have a family, or other association, with King’s College? If yes, fill out the form below with the information you know. If not, proceed to the next section.

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It is important that accurate information is given to ensure best practice in the care of the student. King's College reserves the right to reconsider student placement if details are inaccurate or incorrect or misleading information is provided.

In order for King's College to assess the suitability of the student for admission:


The information in this application form and collected in relation to enrolment procedures is retained by King's College and will be used to:

  • assess the suitability of the applicant
  • maintain a record of the student's details if this application is successful and the student is enrolled at King's College
  • contact Guardians/Parents if this application is successful and the student is enrolled at King's College
  • undertake data analysis for statistical and research purposes at a later date, even if the application does not succeed, in a way which does not identify the applicant.

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