05 May 2021

Wednesday 05 May 2021

The 2020 leavers’ gift was unveiled yesterday morning with a ceremony here at King’s College.

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The gift, a statue of a King’s girl, marks the milestone of 40 years of girls which was celebrated in 2020. The statue was created by sculptor James Wright, and it embodies the spirit of girls at King’s.

The gift was made possible by donations from parents, The Friends, KCOCA and the King’s College Foundation, and was coordinated by 2020 Head Girl Estella Gapes.

Yesterday’s ceremony was attended by our Headmaster, current King’s girls, their Housemasters, members of staff, Board members Vanessa Stoddart Shan Wilson and KCOCA President Julyan Lawry.

The Reverend Gareth Walters blessed the statue. Visitors to the College can see the statue of the girl on the lawn outside Taylor House, on Memorial Drive.