07 Jul 2021

Wednesday 07 July 2021

After a two-year break, the Year 13 Accounting students visited PwC on 15 June and Year 12 on 23 June in their new offices at Commercial Bay. Both visits enabled the students to spend time getting to know quite a few of the Old Collegians, their paths taken from school to PwC and their various roles in PwC.

Yr 13 Visit 2021 PWC

Partner Troy Florence (Major, 1992-96) along with Old Collegians Jackson Astley (Peart, 2012-16), Ben Turner (Peart,2008-12) and Tom Caulton (Peart, 2008-12) presented some key topics covered in both the NCEA Level 3 and Level 2, CIE A2 and AS, Accounting courses.

Year 13 discussed the analysis and interpretation of the financial statements and understanding the Stockmarket in relation to Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Ltd; the current assessment topic for Level 3 students. They also learnt more about the Intern and Graduate Recruitment programme post university.

Year 12 learnt from Troy Florence and Max Hunt (Peart, 2009-13) about putting Accounting Concepts into practice, Internal Controls and their importance and examples of Business processes. Lastly, students were fascinated by Accounting in the Digital age and how “the Cloud” is disrupting every industry it touches. PwC explained how they have responded to these changes and how they are keeping ahead as a business.

Other Old Collegians that also spent some time with the students were: Patrick McElhinney (Greenbank, 1997-00), Louis McLennan (Averill, 2000), Michael Leightley (Marsden, 2002-06),Amanda de Latour (Middlemore, 2009-10), Ben Horne (Selwyn,2007-11), Ella Barclay (Taylor, 2012-13), Simon Reeves (Greenbank, 2010-14), Margot Holland (Taylor, 2014-15), and Talapo Uivaa (Peart, 2007-11)

"My visit to PWC was a fantastic experience; I was particularly interested in the various responsibilities played by Kings College graduates and how the partnership operated on a day-to-day basis." Jack Carrick (Year 13, Greenbank).

Going to PwC was a great experience for someone like me who is aspiring to be an accountant for one of the biggest professional service networks. The old Collegians of King’s College spoke in-depth about the accounting firm in action and the 4 primary divisions; Deals, Consultancy, Financial Advisory Services, and Assurance, showing that being an accountant is more than just sitting and doing numbers, but dealing with clients of big companies domestically and internationally. They also did a segment for getting an internship through university and high school for PwC and the path to working for one of the biggest accounting firms which was really helpful. Azriel Buksh (Year 13, Peart).

The strength of our relationship between King's and PwC is fostered by the 22 Old Collegians that are currently working at PwC, including 4 partners. We would like to thank PwC for hosting the students and it was fantastic to reconnect with many of our past students.

Sharon Lofroth
HOD Accounting and Business Studies