25 Jun 2019

Tuesday 25 June 2019

The Phillips Society was glad to welcome Old Collegian Michael Carr-Smith (School, 1982-86) and Bernard Doyle to speak at our third event of the year.

Having been a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns and an Executive Director at JP Morgan, Mr Carr-Smith was able to provide students with some great insight into life at trading banks across the world. 

Michael Carr-Smith

Michael Carr-Smith

Students were particularly interested in Mr Carr-Smith's first-hand experience of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2007 Global Financial Crisis.

Meanwhile Mr Doyle was a long-standing director of research strategy at JB Were Investment and a highly-respected name amongst the financial circles of New Zealand. He shared with students his experience working in investment domestically, a great complement to Mr Carr-Smith's international expertise. 

bernard doyle

Bernard Doyle

Through the discussion of how these crises unfolded and the lessons Mr Carr-Smith and Mr Doyle took away from them, students were given invaluable advice on how to best trek down the path of a successful financier from two of the best in the field.

The Phillips Society would like to thank these two guests for coming in to speak to students and to all who attended a Phillips Society presentation for a successful term of promoting business excellence within the College. We look forward to continuing this next term with more engaging and exclusive speakers from a range of fields.

(Hugo Reeves, Y13, Major)