25 Mar 2019

Monday 25 March 2019

We have had some very successful hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom for each of our Media Studies classes this term.

200319Level 1 Zoo 2.jpg


Year 13 - A2 and Level 3 Media Studies: On Thursday 7 March we visited the Auckland Domain, where students found interesting subjects to interview for their short documentary production. Learning included using a variety of shot types for establishing location and framing interviews and then finally incorporating appropriate sound choices to create a purposeful short documentary.

Year 12 - AS and Level 2 Media Studies: Devonport tunnels proved to be an excellent location for students to shoot their thriller films. On Thursday 14 March the Year 12s worked very hard to create engaging effects with the camera and lights and came away with excellent footage to use for their preliminary tasks. We were impressed by their creativity and being organised with the appropriate costume, make up and props, and we are now looking forward to their final edited versions.

Year 11 - Level 1 Media Studies: To put theory into practice, students were given a brief to complete a 30-60 second commercial to promote the Auckland Zoo, using the advertising techniques studied in class. Focusing heavily on our iPad driven course, students successfully planned, filmed and edited their piece on the day. The learning focus was to integrate shot types, logos and slogan, and create an engaging narrative with appropriate sound choices. What an excellent start some of these first-time filmmakers have made!

Lastly, we also had a fun night at the Hoyts Cinema, where students watched Captain Marvel to further expand their knowledge and understanding of the superhero film genre, which they will write about in the end-of-year examination.