12 Feb 2020

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Yesterday afternoon members of the Board of Governors, staff, students and supporters celebrated the official opening of Marion Bruce House.

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Headmaster Simon Lamb addressed the gathered crowd, acknowledging the house’s namesake and the significance of its inaugural year.

“How more apt could a second day girls house coming in on the fortieth anniversary of girls at King’s College be,” he asked.

“The positive influence of girls at King’s is really very obvious. I’m really proud to be part of that history. I’m proud to be introducing a second day girls’ house to King’s, and to be honouring Marion Bruce in doing so,” Mr Lamb said.

Inaugural Housemaster Gina Adams - former Housemaster of Taylor House - endorsed the decision to open the new day girls House, noting that the number of girls at King’s has only grown in previous years, particularly since 2016 when the first Year 11 girls joined King’s.  

“I thank our Headmaster Mr Simon Lamb for his interest and drive in creating this House,” Mrs Adams said.

After Head of House Georgia Parris cut the ribbon and declared the house open, The Dean of Auckland, The Very Reverend Anne Mills blessed the house.

“I just want to say go girls,” she said. “It’s really great that women’s stories are being told and recognised, and certainly Marion Bruce’s story is worth telling and recognising. You are ambassadors in her footsteps.

“If you are half as brave and courageous and innovative and caring as she was, you will make fine citizens of this country and contribute greatly to our world and our communities. Take up her challenge, live in her footsteps and go girls.” 

Head of House Georgia Parris spoke of her decision to move from Taylor House to Marion Bruce House, which was cemented after serving on the planning committee and having input into the new house’s colour, crest and motto.

“We aim to create our own traditions for the house that will ensure a strong and unique identity for the first 72 girls of Marion Bruce in 2020, and also into the future,” she said.  

The opening of Marion Bruce House is the first in a calendar of events celebrating the 40th anniversary of girls at King’s College, culminating in a gala ball for Old Collegians, parents and the wider King’s community on Saturday 2 May. Tickets go on sale next week – in the meantime, save the date!