24 Sep 2020

Thursday 24 September 2020

As the school year draws to a close, the College held a farewell ceremony for our international students on Wednesday.

IMG 1130


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The ceremony was conducted over lunch and commemorated the year for our international students, especially the 19 that leave the College at the end of this year, pictured above.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes for the students of the College and as international student liaison, Ms Libby Calder, noted in her address, it has been "hard enough for any student let alone an international student, most of you thousands of miles away from your parents and families."

This year also marks the final year for learning support coordinator, Mr David Ward. Mr Ward has been integral in facilitating the academic pursuits and wellbeing of the international students throughout his tenure at King's, organising countless international student trips over the past nine years.

Ms Calder concluded the formalities by wishing the students well and recalling a pearl of wisdom from the College's head of admissions, Mr Graeme Syms.

"We hope as you leave that you will all take a little piece of NZ home in your hearts and will remember your time at the College with fondness.
I remember over hearing something Mr Syms said to a student once, and that is – it doesn’t matter how you arrived here at the College; whether you were shy, scared, anxious or frustrated that you couldn’t speak a lot of English. What is important is how you leave, and I can see here a group of students who leave as achievers; who rocked it on the sports field, the stage and in the classroom and who are leaving here with enormous opportunity ahead of you. Go well."