17 Sep 2020

Thursday 17 September 2020

The Burtones, one of the College's premier bands, have released their latest album, "The Burtones", now available on all major streaming platforms.



The Burtones Album


The album consists of nine songs, performed, mixed and mastered by students with the help of Seo Joon Yoon (Greenbank, 2010-14) and Teacher in Charge, Mr Gary Burton.

While the band have had much fewer gigs this year, the album kept band leader, Sam Brew (Year 13, Marsden), busy over the lockdown. "We recorded in two sessions at the start of December and in mid-January, and the mixing and mastering are normally done after school and during weekends. But during lockdown it's like you finish school and you're already home, so we managed to get a lot done."

Special thanks also go to the Friends of King's College for their support in covering the production costs of the project.

Click here to listen to the Burtones' album on Spotify.