30 Jun 2022

Thursday 30 June 2022

Many of our students recently competed in the Auckland Secondary Schools Snow Sports competition. Read on for an update on their achievements. 

Ski Team Boys

Race – Slalom: The slalom race saw Anton Simpson (Year 12, Greenbank) win 1st place gold with a combined time of 29:86s, with Jack Mitchell in 4th (Year 13, Averill). This was a very tight and exciting competition at the top of the table. Closely followed by George Wallace in 5th (Year 13, Major) and Will Francis in 6th (Year 12, Peart). Ben Tapper placing 13th (Year 12, St. John's), Harry Firman (Year 13, Major) in 41st, Freddie Brewis (Year 12, Major) in 45th and Corban Drake (Year 13, Greenbank) placing in 58th.

Gabriel Masfen-Yan (Year 10, Greenbank) placed 1st equal in the Junior competition, and 11th overall.

Dual: (slalom race vs another competitor) was another successful event with a 1st place through Anton Simpson and 4th place for Jack Mitchell.

Commendable efforts from George Wallace and Gabriel Masfen-Yan – competing against senior students - who made it through to the 4th of 6 rounds.

Slopestyle: Harry Firman (Year 13, Major) was the highest placed Slope stylist 21st, our team mostly completed the course (without tricks) to score points for the overall schools point competition.

Girls Ski Racers

Dual (slalom race vs another competitor): Jaime Francis (Year 12, Taylor) came in 6th. Sophia Reade (Year 13, Marion Bruce) was knocked out by the eventual winner in the third round (of five).

Race – Slalom: The girls competition was fierce with the top two skiers in the country competing for Kristin, this saw Sophia Reade place in a very commendable 3rd and Jaime Francis in 4th and Helena St Clair Brown (Year 11, Middlemore) 7th for the senior girls. Overall placings; Maggie Meyer (Year 12, Marion Bruce) 38th, Charlotte Baker (Year 11, Marion Bruce) 46th, and Eva Todd (Year 12, Middlemore) 53rd.

Boys placed 1st in the combined teams race category and placed 3rd in the OVERALL boys schools category.
Girls placed 3rd in the combined teams race category and placed 5th in the OVERALL girls category.


Race – Slalom: Jeremy Hall (Year 11, Marsden) placed 2nd with a 0.03 lead over 3rd place. Harry Firman (Year 13, Major) finished 26th and Joshua Dixon (Year 9, Peart) 31st overall.

Slopestyle: Aiden Hyland (Year 12, Marsden) placed 23rd, Jeremy Hall in 30th, and Joshua Dixon at 37th.
Boys placed 7th Overall in boys schools category.

Congratulations to all our students who competed in the Auckland Championship competition for snow sports. Best of luck to those students who will be competing at the North Island Championships on the 19th of September.

Steven Davison

Teacher in Charge of Snow Sports