24 Feb 2023

Friday 24 February 2023

Introducing our new production, the most ambitious in the history of King’s College. We plan to build a first-class, multidisciplinary Performing Arts Centre at the school set to be completed in early 2024.

210512 Kings 0480 Performers On Stage

Performing Arts develop the young mind in a way no other subjects can.

It’s not just about learning to dance, sing, act or play an instrument. It’s about wiring the mind in a way that brings together creativity, co-ordination and rational thinking to the most powerful effect.

This has far-reaching benefits – building versatile skills that are directly transferable to other areas of life.

As well as learning to be confident enough to express yourself, performers have to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers and good listeners.

And if there’s ever been a time when the world needs resilient and creatively empowered people, it’s now.

Plans for the Performing Arts Centre

Initiated by a generous lead gift from Old Collegian Michael Flanagan (Peart, 1951–55), the new Centre will give our students a first-class venue in which to learn new skills and develop natural talents.

Professional-level acoustic conditioning, an abundance of glass to create connection with the outside, and dynamic internal spaces for students to learn and perform will come together to form a wonderfully stimulating creative environment. There’ll also be a new dance studio with a sprung floor, bringing dance into the mix of Performing Arts. To that we add a specialist orchestra room and three specialist teaching rooms.

This facility also gives us the ability to teach the skills of lighting, sound and set design.

It’s the first major project of the Next Horizon campaign. Led by Ross Green (Selwyn, 1968–72), the campaign will bring to fruition several key transformational projects aimed at taking King’s into the future and growing its reputation as New Zealand’s leading educational institution.

The new Centre will not just lift King’s connection with the arts – it will also dramatically change the profile of our campus, complementing the diverse range of opportunities students have during their time at the school. It will offer experiences beyond the existing dynamic Fine Arts space, and alongside the Technology, Computing and Science laboratories.

Taking our school forward

The Performing Arts Centre will be a vital step forward for the College, taking it into a future where creativity is key to success. Our students will be moving out into a world which is forever changing and evolving; a world where new problems will need new ways of thinking. The future presents exciting and unknown potential, and King’s students will soon be even better equipped to thrive in this environment.

Please help us bring this ambitious production to life. There are many opportunities for you to contribute and become involved. We hope you can join our great cast and help us make this happen. We think you will ... we know you will ... enjoy the show.

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For more information on how you can join the Cast and partner with us as we boldly embrace the future of Performing Arts at King's, click here.

Headmaster Simon Lamb and Next Horizon Campaign Chair Ross Green (Selwyn, 1968-72) share their Directors' Notes here: click through to read