30 Jan 2020

Thursday 30 January 2020

With a strong College-wide pass rate and a number of outstanding achievements across both CIE and NCEA, we’re proud to congratulate these NCEA scholarship recipients from the 2019 academic year.

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Outstanding Scholarships

Year 12
Nathaniel Masfen-Yan 

Year 13
Marcus Ooi
Lily Zhang 


Year 12
Hanbo Xie
Lucy Massey
Nathaniel Masfen-Yan
Owen Bao
Ingrid Fung

Year 13
Aaron Chen
Aijie Zhang
Annabelle McLaren
Callum Sng
David Bates
Edward Day
James Hancock
Jia Zhe Zhang
Leah Russell
Marcus Ooi
Nicholas Langrell Read
Oliver Rogers
Quinn Dacre
Lily Zhang
Wenlong An
William McTaggart