17 May 2024

Friday 17 May 2024

Read below for the results of Big House Music 2024.

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Big House Music Results 2024

On Thursday evening, we hosted our annual Big House Music event and it truly exceeded expectations. Our students delivered spectacular performances to an audience of over 4,000 attendees at Spark Arena, making it an outstanding and successful night. The competition was fierce, with a mere 91 points separating the first and last place finishers.

Click here for a video of the evening and all the House performances.

A huge thank you Jaguar NZ for their continued support of Performing Arts here at the College.

Results are as follows:

1st Place - Major - 215 points
Overall House Music: 1st 

Performing: I'm Still Standing by Taron Egerton

Captain: Leo Bamfield

Comments from judges:

Who doesn’t like a tuba as an intro! Great performance as well, thanks to a great band | Love this. Love the tuba intro - that's a first! Great stuff guys. So entertaining! | Nice use of tuba at the start. Excellent singing, although clarity of text was sometimes obscured. Mostly nice singing and great use of harmonies. Nice theme that fit the song and was executed well.


2nd Place - Greenbank - 204 points 
Overall House Music: 3rd

Performing: Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

Captain: Patrick Scott

Comments from judges:

Great vibe on stage, well done. | This was fun. Great song choice and well executed choreography. You stay in tune and produced some vocal harmonies. Loved how you orchestrated a marriage proposal and wedding within the piece. Beautiful flower girls! | Amazing energy! Really loved the story telling, appropriate actions and creativity. Be a bit more mindful of tuning of the higher notes but overall it was a great performance.


3rd Place - Taylor - 202 points 
Overall House Music: 2nd

Performing: Beat It by Michael Jackson

Captains: Geneva Ryan, Lily Double and Ella Reid

Comments from judges:

Very strong start, and you kept going, great performance | I really enjoyed this. You picked a great song which told a story. you were committed for the entire performance and entertained the crowed. Polished, well prepared and with high energy. Great stuff! | Some tuning issues because the energy was so high it pushed your singing sharp, but this did not distract from the overall performance. Lovely two part harmonies and effective story telling!


4th Place - Middlemore - 176 points
Overall House Music: 7th 

Performing: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Captains: Kara Lorch-Church, Emily Ramazani Awal and Stella Lamb

Comments from judges:

Good harmonies in your singing, star role for the trumpet, well done. | Great choreography. You worked brilliantly as a team and produced a very entertaining piece. Singing was on pitch and band supported you well. | Great choreo that suited the song well. Singing well put together in a key that suited the song and allowed for clear words. Band did their best but the singing was a stand out and nice attempts at interesting harmonies!


5th = Marsden and Peart - 169 points 


Overall House Music: 5th 

Performing: Roar by Katy Perry 

Captain: Harry Parker

Comments from judges:

Very brave key change, loved the enthusiasm | Funny, quirky and entertaining. The vocal harmonies were very impressive! | Really nice use of harmonies and great accompaniment. Interesting touch to modulate down keys instead of up!


Overall House Music: 6th 

Performing: Everybody by Backstreet Boys

Captains: Logan Ding and Oliver Scott

Comments from judges:

Loved the mexican wave! Great to see the Year 9’s highlighted. | Well done - you did the work and prepared for this! The key was initially challenging for the singers (too low) but you recovered well and produced a fun and enjoyable performance | Effective choreo that suited your song. Try aim to have more energy in your delivery and have your singing be more blended and pitched higher. Simple use of harmonies and steady accompaniment came across well. Excellent work!


7th Place - Marion Bruce - 164 points 
Overall House Music: 9th

Performing: Fake ID by Big & Rich 

Captains: Asher Ballantyne and Sophie Van Der Meijden

Comments from judges:

Pitch was maybe too low for your voices, but absolutely loved the country band accompanying. | Very clever choreography. Nice vocal harmonies and brilliant costumes. Love the cattle band! | Really effective choreo which really made this performance! Perhaps pitched too low that the first verse was hard to hear. Great outfits!


8th Place - Parnell - 163 points
Overall House Music: 8th

Performing: Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira

Captain: Hawaiki Morrison

Comments from judges:

Well done three piece band, singers bring me back to the world cup! | A great song and outfits to match. Your entire house was committed to this performance and the energy was joyous. Congratulations to the three piece band who rocked! | Really effective choreo that was more than just standing and delivering like other houses. Singing was good and three-piece band did a great job giving energy to your performance! Would be nice to have more harmonies.


9th Place - Averill - 159 points 
Overall House Music: 4th

Performing: Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede 

Captains: Oscar Zonneveld and Oscar Neville-White

Comments from judges:

Love a good story telling, didn’t even notice the story ended | Be careful of entry on stage as the performers stage left had very little room to move. A fun and humorous performance. Love the story telling. | So engaging that we didn’t realise the song had ended! Very nice attempt at telling a story which was complimented with appropriate actions. A bit shaky at the start but nice recovery when the band started.


10th Place - St John's - 143 points
Overall House Music: 10th

Performing: I Try by Macy Gray

Captains: Ronald Wang and Morgan Tapper

Comments from judges:

Some great choreography, bit repetitive to me. | It would have be good to hear some harmonies and a key change in this however, your performance was neat, well rehearsed and we could tell you were having fun. | Singing mostly in tune and blended. Couldn't hear harmonies coming through but this didn’t detract from the performance. Nice choreo and interesting costumes.


11th Place - Selwyn - 133 points 
Overall House Music: 11th

Performing: Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Captains: Ben Jones and Charlie Law

Comments from judges:

What a great band in the back, enthusiasm gets in the way of tuning | Interesting and surprising entrance with the leapfrogs. Loved the Year 9s with their inflatable guitars. Such fun! | The band were the stars and so were the use of juniors! Singing let you down but the energy was hype throughout and you looked like you had a great time!


12th Place - School - 124 points
Overall House Music: 12th

Performing: Slice of Heaven By Dave Dobbyn

Captains: William Hall and Nic Withers

Comments from judges:

Well done Mr drummer. Good recovery after a shaky start | The outfits were straight out of Footroot Flats - even down to the band dressed as dogs - hilarious! You had fun and the audience had a great time. | A rocky start but the verses picked up and the piece really started to get rolling from then. Really strong ending helped by the fact that it was in a good key to sing in.