14 Jun 2021

Monday 14 June 2021

Congratulations to these 2020 graduates who are set to take up offers from universities abroad. 

Miranda Yuan

As 2020 Dux of King's College Nathaniel Masfen-Yan says, the admissions rates of many top schools fell to record lows last year due to an influx of applicants. In addition to this, he says, "Applying as an international student is particularly difficult, so the success of last year's students was certainly notable." We agree! Well done all, and all the best with your studies.


University offers

Set to study at

Hugo Gerbich-Pais
(Averill, 2016-20)

St Andrews, Rice University

Rice University (most likely)

Nathaniel Masfen-Yan
(Greenbank, 2016-20)

Cambridge University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Columbia University, UC Berkeley, London School of Economics, UCLA

Stanford University

Haven Qin
(Peart, 2016-20)

UC Berkeley, Claremont McKenna

Claremont McKenna

Andy Wang 
(Parnell, 2016-20)

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

Jay Wang
(Greenbank, 2018-20) 

University of California Davis

University of California Davis

Hanbo Xie
(Peart, 2018-20)

UCLA, Imperial College London

Imperial College London (most likely)

Miranda Yuan
(Marion Bruce, 2018-20)

University of Chicago

University of Chicago