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One of the key student leadership roles at King's College, is the role of Sacristan. 

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The Sacristan team is made up of four Senior Sacristans, together with 11 House Sacristans who are selected from each Day and Boarding House.

Students become eligible to fulfil this Chapel prefect role in their final year.

The Sacristans are one of the hardest working groups of leaders in the College, and traditionally do an outstanding job. Their role is to support the work of the Chaplains, to be a role model for other students in faith and character, and to also help organise aspects of the Community Service Programme.

2017 Senior Sacristans
  • Tamati Panoho
  • Rose Gatfield-Jeffries
  • Caity Alison
  • Dion Aho
2017 House Sacristans
  • Danny Sewell – Marsden House
  • Lauren Phillips – Middlemore House
  • Emily Sands – Taylor House
  • Chuan Chew – Parnell House 
  • Declan Forrest– Selwyn House
  • Taumata Toki – Peart House
  • James Johnstone – St John’s
  • Rory Archer – Averill House
  • John Commisaris – School House 
  • Tom Walsh Hisco – Major House 
  • Charles Batkin – Greenbank House

“Being a Senior Sacristan has taught me to connect more deeply with God on a regular basis through the Chapel and other areas around King's College. As part of the Sacristan team, I’ve learnt great life lessons of faith and trust, which I will carry on through the rest of the year and beyond the College.”

– Tamati Panoho, Senior Sacristan.