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One of the key student leadership roles at King's College, is the role of Sacristan. 

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The Sacristan team is made up of four Senior Sacristans, together with 11 House Sacristans who are selected from each Day and Boarding House.

Students become eligible to fulfil this Chapel prefect role in their final year.

The Sacristans are one of the hardest working groups of leaders in the College, and traditionally do an outstanding job. Their role is to support the work of the Chaplains, to be a role model for other students in faith and character, and to also help organise aspects of the Community Service Programme.

2018 Senior Sacristans
  • Josh McLaughlin                               
  • Joo Hyung Yoo                                   
  • Maddy Frazer
  • Izzy Foord                                                                               
2018 House Sacristans
  • Oliver Brew – Marsden House
  • Stella Ward – Middlemore House
  • Claire MacLennan – Taylor House
  • Ro’anis Lamond – Parnell House 
  • Warren Tse – Selwyn House
  • Winston Lee – Peart House
  • Jackson Clement – St John’s
  • Te Arawa Matua – Averill House
  • Laith Hammond – School House 
  • Yannik Wikramanayake – Major House 
  • George McLaren – Greenbank House

"I think the best thing about being a Senior Sacristan is the amazing family I have gained over this year. Both the Rev's and the other sacristans are so loving and supportive of each other, it's an amazing atmosphere to work in and I will forever be grateful for the people I have met and become close with."

– Izzy Foord, Senior Sacristan.

"The best thing about being a Senior Sacristan at King's in 2018 would be the amazing leadership opportunities it provides, such as public speaking, role modelling and event organisation, whilst still being in a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment."

Maddy Frazer - Senior Sacristan