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Ki te kore ngā pūtake e mākūkūngia, e kore te rākau e tupu - If the roots of a tree are not watered, the tree will never grow.

02030112 Our Houses Te Putake Lodge Shield

Te Pūtake Lodge, The Foundation Lodge, is a home where boys will discover the school, the House, friends, relationships and themselves.

In 2016 Te Pūtake Lodge was set up to guide our Year 9 Boys’ transition and integration into King's College and the boarding environment. It also leads them on a path of self-discovery and awareness through a specific and individualised programme.

Te Pūtake Lodge is a community where every student is welcomed, supported and made to feel completely at home.

Each student will develop their own identity through academic, sporting, cultural, spiritual and broader wellbeing programmes in an environment that suits their age and stage in life.

Year 9 Boarders can discover the College, establish new friendships and relationships, and build values and moral strength, as well as develop a mindset of growth.

They will learn to develop a strong foundation, be prepared for the years ahead and, realise their full potential.

Every Year 9 Boarder will still be part of their allocated House for all inter-House activities such as athletics, swimming sports and House Music. In Year 10 they move into their allocated House on a full-time basis.

In order to give the Year 9 Boarders more identity and bind them together under one banner for their time in Te Pūtake Lodge, designs were sought from Year 9 Boarders for a lodge crest. Aidan Jeeves (Selwyn, Year 9 Te Pūtake Lodge Boarder in 2016) came up with the design for Te Pūtake Lodge’s House crest, which incorporated each of the boys’ Boarding House crests. 

Housemaster: Daniel Rattray