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Veritas Praevalet - Let honesty prevail.

02030107 Our Houses Peart Shield

Peart House, born in 1947, has long strived at being the ‘best all-round House in the College. The aim of the House is achieved by providing a balanced development of the mind, body, and spirit.

Peart House was named after the Headmaster, Joseph Norris Peart, killed in action in World War II. Its original 82 members were taken from Town House, which was replaced by Peart and Marsden. Since the original division was mainly geographical, Peart drew its strength from the outer suburbs, especially towards the South and East. This structure of recruitment ended with the creation of a third day House in 1959.

Craig Macpherson took on the role of Housemaster in 1991, continuing to impose high standards around the House.

Designed by a student, S.Cashmore, the Shield is composed of a gold lion on a Cambridge background. It is topped with a crown designed to reflect important aspects of Joseph Peart's life - the pale blue from Cambridge, where his degree was based, the rampant Lion notes Joseph Peart an Auckland Grammar School old boy, and to depict the spirit and courage of House members, and the adorning Royal Crown shows that Joseph Peart died for King and country.

Housemaster: Craig Macpherson