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Fortitudo et Curiositas - Courage and curiosity

House Marionbruce

Marion House established 2020, in response to increasing numbers and demand in the day girl House Taylor, was named after Mrs Marion Bruce, sister-in-law of the founder of King’s College, Mr Graham Bruce.

Marion was a much loved and accomplished teacher at King’s School before taking up the position of hostess of the school at social occasions and the domestic manager at King’s College, in support of her brother-in-law.

She inherited the College upon his death and remained at the College.

We are proud to be named after a woman with such close ties to the College. Someone who was so passionate about learning and education and a woman who was an inspiration to her students and someone who was respected for her grace, kindness and willingness to help others.

With the opening of our new House, our foundation members of Marion House become a special part of King’s College history.

Housemaster: Gina Adams