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Virtute ad Victoriam - With virtue and victory.

Built in 1959 to relieve the two existing Day Houses, Major takes its place with confidence in every endeavour of the College. While there has been change in the House over the years, the same ideals from its founding days prevail.

Major House opened with a roll of 65 and the first Housemaster was D G Skegg. Major House takes its name from the great Headmaster C T Major. 

Charles Major gained an MA with First Class Honours in 1893, was a senior scholar and completed a double major in 1894 when he gained his BSc. As an educationalist his record of constructive achievement was unsurpassed in New Zealand. As a soldier, he commanded the Auckland Military District in 1914 after the outbreak of the First World War. He was an asset to the New Zealand Army and was awarded the DSO for his efforts in South Africa in the Boer War. It is these strong principles and achievements on which the ideals of the House are based.

Major House employed local artists to design its badge. C T Major's white stallion, which he rode up the College drive to join the Boer War contingent, features strongly. The crest is a black and white shield indicating strong ideals, high standards and academic excellence.

Housemaster: Nushi Wijewardena