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Semper ad Optima - To always strive for the best.

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Opened in 1997, Greenbank is the youngest of all the boy's Houses. The House motto is used to motivate, challenge and inspire the boys to always step up and never settle for mediocrity. The House strives to celebrate diversity.

Greenbank House was named after Geoffrey Noel Townshend Greenbank, who was the longest serving Headmaster the College has had. During Greenbank’s time as Headmaster, from 1947 until he retired in 1973, he added to the College’s reputation as one of the most respected private schools in New Zealand. Greenbank’s name lives on not only through the House, but also the Greenbank Sports Centre and The Greenbank Award.

Paul Watts was chosen as the House’s inaugural Housemaster. Since then, Greenbank has grown into one of the most tight-knit and successful Houses in the College. In 2017, Mr Daniel Rattray took on the role of Greenbank Housemaster following Mr Watts’ appointment as Te Pūtake Lodge Housemaster.

John Taylor chose the grey colour for Greenbank, but the black trim was added to give it some distinction from everyday grey school shirts. The mythical Griffin - with the head, talons and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion - symbolises the king of the beasts united with the lord of the birds. The red colour of the Griffin acknowledges Geoff Greenbank’s nine-year term as Housemaster of School House. The Griffin is an ideal symbol for the House as it epitomises G T N Greenbank’s strong ideals, high standards and indomitable spirit.

Housemaster: David Norris