International Students

King's College accepts a limited number of overseas students at all levels and has a record of success with students from different ethnic backgrounds. In the case of students whose families are expatriate New Zealanders with overseas residency or business commitments, application for entry will be through the normal channels. Many such students are enrolled at an early age and families make arrangements for interviews at the usual time, prior to final acceptance by the College.

All prospective Year 9 (Form 3) students are required to sit Entrance and Classification tests. These are normally scheduled for May in the year prior to starting at Year 9 and take place at the College.

If students are not New Zealand residents and require a Student Visa to study in New Zealand, certain prerequisites must be met. The College is a signatory to the New Zealand Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International students.

We are proud to be a well-regarded school in New Zealand. Click here to view the 2011 ERO report for King’s College.

Click here to view King’s College’s Hostel Licence.

Legal Requirements

The conditions of entry into New Zealand, the length of stay and the purpose of that stay, must be clearly understood by the applicant's parents and all documentation is wholly the responsibility of the applicant's parents. King's College requires evidence that the conditions of entry into New Zealand have been met.

To apply for a Student Visa, a letter of offer from a New Zealand school is required. The prospective student's family will need to produce evidence of having sufficient funds to pay entry and tuition/boarding fees for the institution of their choice. The Immigration Service requires evidence that full fees for one year have been paid in advance. The Immigration Service also requires written guarantees of accommodation (in the case of King's College, a boarding place or homestay accommodation) and evidence of medical and travel insurance.

International Student Rules

International students must abide by the Policies and Procedures of King’s College. We have a no-tolerance policy in regard to the use, possession and supply of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Click here to view the King's College International Student Disclaimer. 


Students normally enter King's College at Year 9 (Form 3) and are usually aged 13 years. However it is possible, in the event of places being available, to enter the College at levels above Year 9. It is considered that a commitment of two years education at the College is a minimum requirement, and therefore entry to Year 13 is not possible.

Level of Achievement

It is a requirement that each applicant has a satisfactory level of English language usage. Applicants whose first language is not English will be expected to demonstrate a level of competence and ease of communication in the English language prior to commencing at the College. This will include the ability to express themselves in both written and spoken English to a degree of competence that will allow them to follow the academic courses at the level at which they enter.


An overseas student who boards at the College must have a guardian or relation living in the greater Auckland region. This guardian or relation is expected to take an active interest in the life of the student, to make leave and accommodation arrangements on mid-term and public holiday weekend breaks, to be able to assist with any emergency arrangements and to assist with transport to and from the airport when required. Parents of overseas students may make private arrangements with a guardian, or our international department can assit in assigning a guardian. Housemasters will be informed of all details.

Church Affiliation

King's College is a Christian school affiliated to the Anglican Church of New Zealand. While students of other faiths are welcome at the College, it is not possible to offer special consideration in customs of worship. All students participate in our regular ecumenical Chapel services - there are no exceptions made.


Meals are provided for all boarding students. These are usually buffet served so a number of options are always available. Special diets, particularly where medical considerations are an issue, are catered for by the College's catering staff.


All students are expected to take an active part in aspects of College life other than in the classroom. This includes cultural and sporting activities and membership of representative teams and groups.


The Headmaster considers that an interview with intending students and their parents is essential before consideration can be given to any applicant. Parents should consider how best such arrangements can be facilitated - a visit to Auckland may be necessary.

Medical Insurance

The College has a Medical Centre which is staffed 24 hours per day. However, those students on a Student Visa must carry medical and travel insurance to cover their time at the College including travel to and from home. Details of insurance policies must be lodged with the Head of Admissions.


APPLICATION: This is common to all students applying for entry to King's College and is currently NZ$275.00 to be sent with the application form.

TUITION AND BOARDING: These are payable in advance on a termly basis prior to the beginning of each term. Those requiring a Student Visa need to pay the full tuition and boarding fees in advance in order to fulfil the requirements of the New Zealand Immigration Service. 

REFUNDS: Any student planning to leave before the end of the Year 13 programme is required to give a full term's notice. Where appropriate notice has been given, the College will refund the prepaid fees covering the time that the student is no longer at the College.

Click here to view the International Student fees for 2017.


Please click here to download our application form.

This must be completed and forwarded with an accompanying payment of NZ$275.00. This amount is not refunded in the event of a place not being available.

Before a place is offered, parents are asked to sign an agreement that their child will be available for all aspects of College life. These will include an expectation that the student will take part in sporting and cultural events at both College and House level. 

A copy of our Admission Agreement for International Students can be viewed here.


The following will give an indication of the admission procedure for Overseas Students:

  • Application
  • Assessment by Head of Admissions
  • Skype or personal interview with International Manager
  • Entrance and Classification Testing
  • Student place offered
  • Acceptance of Place at King's College

In the event of a place being offered at the College, parents are required to indicate their acceptance of that place within seven days. In some instances an applicant's name will be placed on a waiting list. In this case, the parents will be kept informed as to the likelihood of a place being available in good time to allow for other plans to be made.

Grievance procedure for International Students

In the case of students having problems or complaints the following staff at the College should be approached in the first instance.

  1. Problems with subjects or teachers:
    Make an appointment to see the Director of Studies.

  2. Problems with school friends:
    You could discuss this with your Housemaster and the student Counsellor.

  3. Homestay or Guardian problems:
    See the Homestay Coordinator or the International Manager.

  4. Co-Curricular problems:
    See your Housemaster or the International Manager or the Sports Director.

  5. Complaints:
    If you have a complaint, you or your parents should write to the Headmaster stating your concerns about the College. If you are not satisfied with the complaints process with the school then contact New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Refer – Student complaints about providers’ compliance with the
    Code of Practice for further details. You must be able to show them that you have tried to get the school to act before you contacted them. Please see also the attached
    NZQA brochure, which sets out how to make a complaint. NZQA deals with all complaints about alleged non-compliance with the Code, other than financial and contractual disputes.

  6. Financial or Contractual Disputes:
    Section 238J of the Education Act 1989 established the International Student
    Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS). Clause 33 of the Code requires the school to comply with the DRS rules. The DRS resolves contractual and financial disputes between international students and the school. If your dispute relates to financial or contractual matters then it will be referred to Fairway Resolution Limited (the agency appointed to administer the DRS) under the International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Rules 2016 (DRS).

If you do have a problem, please ask for help while it is still a little problem. Do not wait for it to become a big problem. If you are not confident that your English is good enough, you can ask the International Department for access to an interpreter. 

Click here to view and download the NZQA Code of Practice. Click here to view the and download the NZQA dispute resolution information.


King’s College offers both NCEA and CIE qualifications. Click here to view our full Courses of study booklet for 2017. Subjects on offer for Year 11 students can be viewed here.

Subjects on offer for Year 12 students can be viewed here.

International Student Orientation

The Orientation Day Programme is part of an ongoing process to integrate the students into the College. On the first day of Term 1 all new students will attend an orientation within their school Houses. In addition to this all new International Students will attend a specifically designed orientation which is normally held one week later.

The programme for this orientation is as below.

Following this all new International Students will have a one on one meeting with staff in our International Department during Term 1 to assess the studentswellbeing. Results of this meeting will be emailed to all parents and/or guardians.

International Student Orientation Day Programme

Discuss purpose/role of the International Department.
Explain role/responsibilities of their Guardians/Homestay families. Issue students with contact information Wallet Cards.
Discuss Dispute Resolution Process.
Discuss International Student Rules.
Meet with International Student Buddy.
Visit Careers Department, Counseling Services, International Department Meet with ESOL Department Head.
Discuss International Student Trip
Complete student questionnaire.
Visit by Community Police. 

Click here to view the College’s Orientation day booklet for 2017.

General Information

A Confirmation of Enrolment fee of NZ$1,500.00 (non-refundable) is due upon acceptance of an offer of a place at the College.

Upon taking up residence at the College, the student comes under, the care and jurisdiction of the Housemaster. There are several recommendations that parents who reside permanently outside New Zealand should note in their consideration of applying for a place to the College:

School Liaison: It is practice that all College communications (eg newsletters, notices) are sent to parents and guardians. Guardians are invited to attend school functions on behalf of parents, and this would include periodic meetings with teachers to discuss class progress.

Pocket Money: Appropriate banking arrangements should be made so that students (with their guardians) have access to their own bank accounts via EFTPOS. The College strongly discourages the students from keeping large sums of cash.

Travelling and Leave: Guardians are responsible for accommodation arrangements at mid-term, during Public Holiday weekends and Saturday overnight leave, where approved by the Housemaster. Students are expected to return home for calendared school holidays.

Guardian contact wallet card: download our Guardian contact card here, and store for safekeeping in your wallet.

Click here to read our welcome letter to new parents once their son/daughter has been accepted into the College. This covers off some general information prior to their son/daughter starting at the College.

The Head of Admissions is available to discuss any application procedures and is ready to help.

Please contact:
Graeme Syms
Head of Admissions